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Why you need a blogsite!

You started a business. You have a beautiful website. You’re all set.  Right?   WRONG!

As I said in my first blog, the whole concept of marketing your business has changed, almost in the blink of an eye. And now, if you don’t keep up with the radical shift that is happening on the Internet, you will be left behind, with your business in the dust.

I assume when you built your website you contracted with a professional content writer, someone who knows how to use keyword phrases in an engaging way. Someone who understands that using too many different phrases or too many times on a page can hurt you too. You may have hired an SEO firm to make sure everything was built in to your site, appropriate metatags and headers and the like. All that is great. But it’s not enough.

A website is generally static. Once you have it, it doesn’t change much. Even if you are on the first page of Google now, as more competition grows, depending on what the other companies do, a static website is not going to keep you up front for very long. The search engine algorithms change as technology gets more sophisticated, social media becomes even more popular, and people are using black hat methods to fool the code. So what is the answer? A blogsite! (I don’t know if that word exists yet, so if not, I’ll claim it as mine.)

A WordPress blogsite (or any other one you use) differs from a website. First of all, you can change the information immediately. Often with a website, you have to contact your designer and wait in line until the changes can be made. Not so with a blogsite, which you can do yourself anytime you want.

Next, the search engines are now looking for organic, fresh content. The more blogs you write (using  your keyword phrases of course), the more likely your site will be moved up on search engine lists because you have active, dynamic content.

You love your website and don’t want to change? No problem! Just have your web designer put a button on your Home Page called BLOG and link it to your WordPress blogsite! You can actually develop the blogsite into many pages in addition to your blogs…pages that enhance what you already have on your website.

You just started a business and don’t have a website? Use WordPress to create your website. (Here’s an example.) You don’t need to hire an expensive web designer. You can do it yourself. Or you can hire someone like me to do it for you. Whatever you decide, a blogsite is the way to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if blogsites replace websites in the next five years. But remember….content is KEY! If you are not the best writer, you need to hire one to get the most impact for your site.


MARKETING HAS CHANGED. The way to market a business has changed rapidly and radically in the past five years. An expensive, well-placed ad in a magazine may no longer be reaching a large part of your target audience.  Direct mail campaigns,  following up leads with cold calls, general customer surveys, and other old sales/marketing methods are quickly losing steam.

SOCIAL NETWORKING IS WHAT’S HOT. If your company is not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or one of the other popular sites, your company may be missing out on the best strategy of all….free advertising to millions of people. However, just being connected to these sites is not enough. You must have an ongoing “electronic” dialog with your customers; one that gives them great, engaging content, tips, news, general information, blogs and more.  

REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST. I can create a dynamic blog for your company that looks and works exactly like a website, just like this one. Once I set it up for you, you can easily change the information yourself.  Stop spending half your budget on a fancy website that only a designer can update (at a high cost). Never again be upset that your latest news didn’t make it into your website on time. Social networking, a website you can change yourself, all at a cost much less than you would pay in the United States!


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