About me

I was born in Buffalo, New York and quickly realized I did not like the cold or snow. After receiving my BA in English at SUNY Buffalo, I headed to Phoenix, Arizona where a full scholarship provided me with a Master’s degree in Education with a Reading Specialty and a place to live in the sun. I later moved on to New Orleans where I taught high school at George Washington Carver in the ninth ward; then on to Mexico City as a TESL and TOEFL professor; then next to Chiapas, Mexico where my future husband and I owned a backpacker’s hotel and restaurant; and finally to San Diego, California, where my two wonderful daughters were born. After several years of training and work experience in semiconductor companies (TRW-LSI Products and Brooktree Corp.), I started my own technical writing business, The Write Connection.

During  20+ years, my clients have included Microsoft, Qualcomm, Kodak, Xerox, Syntricity and many others. I am now living in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua,  but I haven’t completely stopped working. Living in a tropical paradise is a dream come true, but I still enjoy technology and like to keep up on the latest and greatest ways to help others. And because I live in a more economical location, I don’t have to charge U.S. prices. With modern technology, it is simple to work from afar. Imagine that ideas and work are exchanged with just the click of a button now!

I specialize in writing web content, creating easy-to-maintain web blogs that look and work like websites, developing social networking systems to market your business, technical and marketing writing, and Spanish to English translations. Plenty of clients can tell you how responsible, professional and on-time I always am.



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